Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tom surprised me this year by getting a little romantic. HUH?
He came back from a business trip and said, let's run off next weekend. I'll surprise you where we go. Celebrating 14 years of marriage, and 18 if you count the four he kept me hanging, it was a great weekend to do it with a little help from Grandma and Papa who watched the girls.
We wound up in Vegas - somewhere we had never been to before together. We had a ton of fun. Not very good at posing for pics but it's safe to say:
What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas :)
We stayed at the Mandalay Bay.
Breakfast for Champs! The buffet treated us to an array of yummy-ness including crepes, lox and bagels, crab legs and our fav - FREE Mimosas!
 We hung by the beach/pool and meandered down the lazy river.
We checked out the Forum at Caesers Palace.

Shared an incredible dinner at the Venetian on the water. 
 Another incredible dinner, lakeside watching the fountain shows....

And, though I have no picture - finished the night at Cirque de Soleil's LOVE. It was amazing.

Tom was hurtin' pretty bad on the way home, so he kept up the pace with beer and In&Out :)
Until next time......................

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